About Our Meats
  • Our "Best of Both Worlds" feeding program of pasture grasses, corn silage, ground corn, direct fed microbials, vitamins and trace minerals offer a complete nutritionally balanced diet.
  • A totally mixed ration (TMR) allows us to better formulate the feed to meet the requirments of the animal. By havesting feed at the peak of its season and preserving it as silage, we maintain high quality feed all year.
  • Our beef is raised on a free-range pasture with access to barn shelter.  It is raised without steroids, hormones, or antibiotics.
  • Grain-fed beef has more acceptable meat qualities such as flavor, appearance, and tenderness, and has a lower retail cost.
  • We also sell locally raised hormone free, pasture-raised pork and chicken.
  • Order a side or split side of beef to fill your freezer.  Pigs are also available by the whole or half.